What is Kiara?

Kiara is a multilingual translator tool that enables your team to communicate more easily and efficiently with each other in Slack.
You can reduce wasted time for translation, less friction in your team, and boost productivity of your team. Kiara supports 100 languages for now.

Simple features

Once you set Kiara Translator, Kiara translates your message automatically.

90% satisfied

Our most recent customer survey showed that 90% of our customer were happy.

Secured data

We use AWS secure environment for our server. We’re a member of AWS startup program.

Start your 14-day free trial

If you prefer a 12-months advance payment by invoice,
please contact us directly by chat, form or at hello@kiara.com

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100% Refund Policy

If you are not satisfied, we are happy to money back. You can cancel anytime.

Simple pricing

Only $3 per user per month.
*$1 discount for over 100 user signup

Customize Plan

Offering Customer's need based customization features.
For more information, talk to us by chat, form or at hello@kiara.team

If something is unclear?
Talk to us!

Talk to us by chat, form or at hello@kiara.team

Steps to register

Add to Slack

Authorize App

Login to Slack

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Frequently asked questions

When will it be charged if I register credit card?

You won't be charged until a 14-days free trial ends. After 14-days free trial, you will be charged monthly.

Do you have any enterprise package for company?

We don't have any special package, but we are happy to talk about pricing with you. We might give you discount upon your needs.

We have 500 users in our Slack workspace and only 100 users will use Kiara. Is user count can be 100?

No, it will be 500. We consider other 400 users can receive the benefit of Kiara Translator.

Happy Customers


"In other companies, many people are still copy & pasting translation tools. Kiara can definitely remove this repeating manual operation."

Engineering Manager

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"Translation quality is almost perfect for tech words like C++ and Python. I am surprised. Kiara is very useful."

CEO Mr. Takahiro Nakahata

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Connected Robotics

"We found the communication became a lot more natural between the engineers. Our flow was much improved."

IT Manager

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