AI/Web Development Services Overview

The corporate structure required under COVID-19


Digitalisation (de-paper and remote)


DX New Business (AI, Apps)


Muscular data-centred management (real-time factual analysis → fast PDCA cycle)

In many companies?


Development companies can't provide management consulting.
Management consultants do not understand advanced technology

How is Kiara different?


A one-stop shop for development, management improvement and advanced technology

Kiara AI and Web Development Service Features

10,000 experts


We have a rich network of engineers, researchers and others in Asia, Europe and the US, because we've been running Team AI, a community with 10,000, so we are able to offer image recognition, natural language processing, numerical data analysis and web/smartphone app development as consultants, developers and rental CXOs.

Based on our own SaaS sales experience


Through sales of our own AI software Kiara, we have accumulated knowledge to circulate the PDCA and sell the subscriber (SaaS) to the world. We will use our deep experience to realize "Client first" with a sense of ownership and provide services as a "companion technology partner that is effective for management."

Services Menu



I will give you practical know-how as I got from my own AI startup management. It also supplies man-hours to move hands if necessary. Accompanying style to meet customers.

AI/Web/App developments


It covers everything from web and smartphone apps to AI and data science.

Rental CXO


Provide resources to drive the organization with leadership.
As a member, we will provide our project management capabilities and the most important ideas for management.

Kiara AI Platform with Workplace Data

Resources for AI and data science

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